About Benchmark Creative

Open Source Ecology

Event facilitator for Bellingham (Seattle area), Washington, USA.

Jeremy is the first newly trained instructor from the Open Source Microfactory STEAM January 2020 Camp program. With a background in Operations and Quality Assurance in automated food production environments, Jeremy has been involved in mentoring and onboarding new people to processes and automation for much of his career. He is now focusing on introducing beginners to digital fabrication and automation at Open Source Microfactory STEAM events. He finds incredible fulfillment in creating, problem solving and optimizing. In his downtime, Jeremy can be found in his workshop, dreaming/planning an automated farm.


Benchmark Creative was originally conceived as Benchmark Technical Solutions in late 2004 by Jeremy Drost and Eric Schiller.  Sharing a passion for computers and the Internet, both partners brought extensive skill-sets to the company. Eric had been involved in web design for seven years prior, and as a result design became an integral part of Benchmark. In 2008, we began doing business as Benchmark Creative to reinforce our focus on web design and development.  

Benchmark offers a variety of services including web design, graphics design, SEO, and web development to meet the needs of local consumers and businesses.  We pride ourselves on being fast, efficient, and professional. We offer competitive rates and prompt on-site consultation.