About Benchmark Creative Website Development

Online Advertising!

Benchmark is delving into the world of online advertising on behalf of our clients.  We have been maintaining a few campaigns over the last three years, and feel it is time to bring the service to our clients as a main stream offering.  The benefits are far too great to keep doing this as a sideline operation.  If your company sells services or goods, and has an advertising budget, then online advertising via the search engines may drastically increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. 

Traditional advertising uses the shotgun approach, broadcast to 10,000 people hope that 1% pay attention, while forking over the green backs no matter what happens.  Online advertising uses the rifle approach, specifically targeting ads towards people who are already searching for your product, and only charging you if they click to your website.  It can be a game changer if your advertising budget is tight, allowing a company to reach many more interested clients for less cost.  Call us today for a free consultation to learn how using online advertising can change the way you reach your customers. 

Our History

Benchmark Creative was originally conceived as Benchmark Technical Solutions in late 2004 by Jeremy Drost and Eric Schiller.  Sharing a passion for computers and the Internet, both partners brought extensive skill-sets to the company. Eric had been involved in web design for seven years prior, and as a result design became an integral part of Benchmark. In 2008, we began doing business as Benchmark Creative to reinforce our focus on web design and development.  

Benchmark offers a variety of services including web design, graphics design, SEO, and web development to meet the needs of local consumers and businesses.  We pride ourselves on being fast, efficient, and professional. We offer competitive rates and prompt on-site consultation.