The Approach at Benchmark Creative Website Development

Our approach is simple:

1. We create a plan with the client for the entire site from day one.

2. Then using the client’s ideas as a base, we design a beautiful layout that epitomizes their company, organization, or cause.

3. Next, we implement a content management system that is automated, easy to use, and transparent.

4. Upon completion of the site, we conduct thorough testing of the site, and ensure it is a polished, complete identity.

5. Finally, we support the client and their site throughout its entire lifespan.


We are a forward-thinking, modern design firm. We pride ourselves on being well versed in cutting-edge web standards and languages that give our sites a polish that is not common.

All of our designs are hand-coded from the ground up in xhtml and CSS to conform to several sets of web standards. We test our sites in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari on multiple platforms. This gives our sites a stability that ensures everyone can view your site as it is intended.

Content management systems are integral to our designs, and we know the systems that we implement backwards and forwards. As a result of this, we offer a complete system that does not require a doctoral degree in computer science to change your content or upload pictures.

If you don’t know what any of this means, perhaps this will make it clearer: our work is world class. It’s difficult to cut corners when you are perfectionists.

If our style and approach to design is appealing to you, feel free to contact us and we can begin a conversation about your web identity needs.